Local Area Nets


Day Time* Freq/Repeater Organization Notes
Daily 9:00am VE7RNS Rainbow Country Net Early check in at 8:45am
01:30UTC 3.729 MHz BC Public Service Net
02:30UTC 3.716 MHz BC & Yukon NTS Traffic Directed Net, NTS traffic | VE7WJ
12:00pm 7.2835 MHz Noon Time Net  Early check-ins starts around 11:00am
23:30UTC 7.055 MHz Aurora Net
9:00pm 7.093 MHz Alaska Bush Net
05:00UTC 3.750 MHz Trans Canada Pow Wow Club
Monday 7:00pm VE7ASM Abbotsford ARES 2m, 70cm, 6m
7:30pm VE7RLY ARES Langley Amateur Radio Assoc
VE7MFS  CARESS – this club
28.355 MHz Chilliwack 10m Net
03:00UTC 3.775 MHz BC Northern Net
8:00pm VE7DJA Nanaimo Amateur Radio Assoc
VE7RBY Burnaby Amateur Radio Club
8:15pm 50.140 MHz Pacific Northwest Society  Oregon
Tuesday 7:00pm VE7RNS North Shore ARC
VE7RMD Richmond ARC
VE7RXZ BC Sunshine Coast ARC
VE7RSI Salt Spring Island ARC Emergency Comm Net (start with simplex 146.595MHz, then simplex 446.300MHz, then VE7RSI on 147.320MHz (tone 88.5Hz) and finally on HF at 3.750MHz)
7:30pm VE7NWR New Westminster ARC
8:00pm VE7RSC Surrey Amateur Radio Club  VE7SAR
144.240MHz  SSB Pacific Northwest Society  Seattle
Wednesday 8:00am VE7RHS Cross Canada Net IRLP Node 9013  (or NSARC UHF Repeater VE7NSR 444.950)
02:30UTC 7.055 MHz Aurora Net
7:00pm VE7VIC  Westcoast Amateur Radio Society
146.490 MHz Saanich
3.735 MHz BC Prov Emergency PEP Net
VE7RAH,VA7DJA,VE7ITS Vancouver Island Net VE7PEP – EMBC Registered operators on Vancouver Island.
7:30pm VE7RMR Maple Ridge ARC
8:00pm VE7RLY CCVT Langley Amateur Radio Assoc
8:30pm 50.125 MHz SSB Pacific Northwest Society  Victoria
9:00pm 144.220 MHz SSB Pacific Northwest Society  Victoria
432.100 MHz SSB Pacific Northwest Society  Victoria
03:00UTC 3.755 MHz BC Northern Net
Thursday 7:00pm 144.225 MHz USB 225 SSB Group   VE7OR
8:00pm VE7RBY Burnaby Amateur Radio Club Technology and emergency prep round-table
8:30pm VE7SUN Delta Amateur Radio Society
Saturday 9:30pm 144.215 MHz Sea-to-Sky VHF Net (SSB followed by FM)
8:00pm 3.775 MHz Sea-to-Sky HF Net  Alternative: 7.060 MHz
Sunday 8:00am 144.240MHz  SSB Pacific Northwest Society  Seattle
18:00UTC 14.140 MHz Cross Canada Net
11:00am 14.303.5 MHz Elecraft K3 Radio Net N6JW | For Elecraft transceiver users
 02:30UTC  7.055 MHz Aurora Net
03:00UTC 3.775 MHz BC Northern Net
7:00pm 146.740 MHz
T 103.5Hz
ARES of Whatcom County
7:30pm 145.230 MHz
T 103.5Hz
ACS Blaine
7:45pm 146.740 MHz
T 103.5Hz
ACS Whatcom County
8:00pm 3.716 MHz BC Swap Net
8:30pm 3.880 MHz Alaska ERC Net
9:00pm VE7RVA  Wild Card Net Open Net
VE7NM is net controller



Please send any corrections or omissions to club@ve7scc.org

*Pacific Time (local) unless otherwise specified.