SK: Edward Samuel Calderwood VE7BQM

It is with great sadness to announce the passing of Ed Calderwood, VE7BQM, the founder of C.A.R.E.S.S. (VE7SCC).

Ed started our club back in 1990 and was responsible for securing the space we currently have at Riverview in 1992. Ed ran the club until about 2003 when he decided it was time to step back and hand things over to Wayne, VE7ZNU. It was at that time that the name of the club was also changed, dropping the word Senior from our original name which was Coquitlam Senior Amateur Radio Emergency Service Society to reflect the importance of connecting with those of all age groups.  For those not aware, SCC originally stood for Senior Citizens Club, reflecting Ed’s idea of founding a club to provide radios and a place to learn for those who were retired/retiring and those who may not have a station at home.   

On Wednesday, May 19, 2021, during the BC Public Service net, Roly, VA7RA announced that Ed passed away earlier this week. Here is the silent key announcement, transmitted from the club station and recorded off-air from VE7AV’s SDR in Prince George.

From Ed’s QRZ page:

“I first got interested in Amateur radio at the age of 13, in 1937. First ham call was VE2UG in Montreal PQ. After school I first worked for Marconi Company and the Northern Electric Company. I joined the Navy 1940 to 1945 North Atlantic, Installed Radio sites in Quebec City and Rimouski PQ. I did a short stint on Q052 in the St Lawrence, hunting German subs then went to Halifax Nova Scotia and joined HMCS Gananaqui mine sweeper and Convoy duty in the North Atlantic. I got my Commercial license, second class, intending to join Cunard line as Radio officer, but worked at Dorval airport radio range in the control tower. Then I worked for Bell Telephone 1947 to 1969 , as cable splicer , Central office ,teaching electronics. I worked on DQ 38 doppler air ground radio and spent time on the DEW line at Great Whale river PQ.  In 1955 I came to BC for the first time. In 1969  I moved to BC and joined BC Telephone FW1 and mobile Radio, and worked on pagers and mobile Radio as radio tech. i retired at age 65 and started Radio Club VE7SCC. I was President for 13 years. The club is now a contest club.

 73 and GOD BLESS  cu on 40 & 20!”