8 New Amateur Radio Operators | Basic License Course | Spring 2019

The Coquitlam Amateur Radio Emergency Services Society is proud to announce that 8 new amateur radio operators have received their Basic and Basic with Honours licenses as a result of our Spring 2019 course.

Congratulations to the new operators!

Our next Basic License course is tentatively scheduled for the Fall of 2019.
We will update our website once the dates are finalized.

Extreme fire risk in Coquitlam

The City of Coquitlam has advised us that the lack of rainfall in May and June have created severe dryness in our parks, undeveloped lands, and on private property where vegetation is extremely dry. The public is asked to:

  • not start any fires,
  • not smoke in any of our parks, or in locations where a spark could ignite vegetation,
  • avoid cutting “high grass” lawns or property where the heat or a spark from a lawnmower or weed eater could ignite a fire.

Smokers, please don’t smoke in forested or park areas, or flick butts out of open windows. Smouldering cigarettes are a very common source of enormous fire damage and loss during this season.

Mayor Stewart also advises that they are waiving watering restrictions for certain homes on the perimeter of Mundy Park and other forested areas; residents affected have been notified. But for all residents keep dry foliage cut back to prevent fire spread in the event of a neighbour’s home or a neighbouring forest area suffers a fire. When it is this dry, we all need to be a little more vigilant.

Retro-Technology Petting Zoo – Port Moody Public Library

The Coquitlam Amateur Radio Club in conjunction with the SPARC (Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada) Museum participated in Port Moody Public Library’s “Retro-Tech Petting Zoo” on Feb 7, 2015.

This event showcased various technologies from the past and allowed adults to reminisce and the young to learn about various technologies that evolved into products they commonly use today.

Pat Jones VE7PRJ (right) from SPARC demonstrated a spark-gap generator, a 1914 World War 1 trench telegraphy field unit along with amateur radio equipment (using tubes) from the 1970’s.
Richard Wodzianek VA7RLW (left) demonstrated the latest in field-ready amateur radio technology – all microprocessor based.


IMG_1380 IMG_1382







Everyone that visited our demonstrations had fun and the kids really enjoyed learning about Morse code.

We thank Maryn Ashdown of the Port Moody Public Library for inviting us to participate in this very educational and informative event.





Antenna Tower Construction Continues

The construction of our 3 new antenna towers is well underway. Progress is excellent. The three foundation holes now have the first layer of rebar installed and we are now positioning the base of each towers into the foundation holes.

We have taken advantage of the great weather so far. Next steps: positioning the tower bases, installing the rebar around the base, creating the concrete forms, pouring the cement – and then finally raising the towers.

Stay tuned.

Placing the tower base into the foundation hole.

Placing the tower base into the foundation hole.