Thanks to the generous, tireless and determined efforts of the CARESS members along with members from other amateur radio clubs, we have made an unbelievable achievement possible – the raising of three 80 foot self-standing amateur radio antenna towers.

The activities started in the summer of 2014 and we worked long hard hours in the rain, heat, cold; day or night.

Tower Location Preparation
Tower Location Preparation
DSC_0035 (2)
Holes Dug and Rebar Placed
Forms Built and Filling Up With Concrete
Bases Ready For Towers






Tower 2 with multi-band quad antenna.
Tower2 With Multi-Band Quad Antenna
Antenna Farm



Links to YouTube Videos

Raising Tower 3
Raising Tower 3








The team that made this possible include (in alphabetical order):

Geoff Armstrong (VE7KA),  Dennis Baylis (VA7BAV), Paul Bryan (VA7CDB), Jeremy Cohoe (VA7NSA), Paul Cook (VA7JHW),
Brian Derksen (VE7VBD),  Darrell Enns (VA7TDE), Carlos Fang (VA7CFK), Don Hill (VA7LNX), Martin Hyde (VA7HYD),
Peter Genelle (VA7PNP), Neil King (VA7DX), Phil MacCormick (VE7KJR), Dan Marsland (VA7DCR), Duncan Meakins (VA7NEO),
Hugh Mitchel (VE7AHM), Gordon Pawelchak (VE7OW), Ian Procyk (VE7HHS), Al Ross (VE7WJ), David Sinclair (VA7DRS),
Paul Wagner (VE7TL), Keith Witney (VE7KW), Lee Woldanski (VE7FET), Richard Wodzianek (VA7RLW)

As president, I am humbled and awed by what our team has accomplished.

My thanks to all that put in such incredible effort, dedication, time, energy and personal resources into this endeavour – all for the passion of amateur radio.