The Coquitlam Amateur Radio Club net meets every Monday at 19:30 PT on the VE7MFS repeater:  145.310 MHz, -600 kHz, tone 127.3.


–> At 7:25pm, go on VE7MFS and announce that the Coquitlam Amateur radio net will begin at 7:30 and that we ask for a clear frequency. Thank you.

All stations, all stations, all stations – welcome to the weekly net of the Coquitlam Amateur Radio Club. This net meets every Monday night at 7:30 PM on this frequency, for the purposes of connecting the amateur radio community and announcing club information.

This is an open net and everyone is welcome to join in. Please use standard phonetics when announcing your call and let the repeater drop before transmitting. Break.

–> Unkey, let the repeater drop.

Your net control for tonight is                                           and my call sign is                       . The club’s call sign is VE7SCC.

Our club is located on the Riverview grounds and is open often on the weekends. We hold our regular monthly business meeting on the last Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM (except during the summer). This is an open meeting, and visitors are welcome to attend. 

With the easing of COVID19 restrictions, we are holding in-person meetings again along with video conferencing. If you wish to attend by video, please email us at

–> If you will run the Simplex portion, then announce the frequency. Either 146.430 MHz or 146.460 MHz.


–> Remember to record the list of contacts that acknowledged the invitation for the Simplex net.

At the end of the net, I will provide information on how to contact the club. Break.

–> Unkey, let the repeater drop.

This net can be interrupted at any time for emergencies so come now with your call sign, starting with EMERGENCY or PRIORITY traffic. Break.

–> Unkey, let the repeater drop.

Are there any members of the Coquitlam club who would like to make an announcement. Break.

Are there any members of other amateur radio clubs who wish to make an announcement? Break.

–> Call for Check Ins | Start with mobiles, portables or handhelds.

Before I call for general check-ins, I will first start with mobiles, portables or handhelds.

–> If done with mobiles, portables or handhelds, then start taking check-ins including base stations — in groups of three; advertise that this an open net.


–> And if you will run Simplex, to remind everyone of the selected frequency and ask the contact if they will join.

I will now call for general check-ins – in groups of three.

–> Respond to stations in the order they checked in taking note of any traffic.

–> Between check-in groups, broadcast that this is the Coquitlam net, your name and call sign.

–> If no one checks in after about 1 minute, then broadcast…

For more information about our club you can contact us by phone at 604-523-0354, email or by our website at
You can also follow us on Twitter @ve7scc.

–> Call for late or missed check-ins; record and respond to them one at a time.

–> Give number of check-ins and thank everyone who checked in and who gave a clear frequency.

With no further check-ins, I now close tonight’s net at HH:MM and return this repeater back to normal traffic.

–> Announce that you will move to the Simplex frequency and that you will use a roll call basis to make contact.

  –> Sign off.