ARRL Field Day 2024

This year, volunteer amateur radio enthusiasts from Coquitlam Amateur Radio Emergency Services Society and New Westminster Amateur Radio Club will set up stations at Coquitlam’s Blue Mountain Park for the annual ARRL American Radio Relay League’s Field Day for this June 22 and 23.

The public is welcome to see us in action as we set up stations for world-wide communication using various methods such as voice and data. Each year nearly, 40,000 stations participate. 

Volunteer radio operators from across North America ordinarily participate in Field Day by establishing temporary amateur radio stations in public locations to demonstrate their skill and service. Their use of radio signals, which reach beyond borders, bring people together while providing essential communication in the service of communities. 

Field Day highlights amateur radio’s unique ability to work reliably under any condition from almost any location and create a wireless communications network without reliance on conventional telecommunications services (internet / cellular / satellite).  Many operators have portable communication capabilities that include alternative energy sources such as solar panels, hybrid / battery-electric vehicles and conventional generators.

This year’s event is especially noteworthy given the challenges BC has had to deal with over the last few years.  From fires to floods, amateur radio operators have a long history of serving our communities when storms or other disasters damage critical communication infrastructure. 

Location: Blue Mountain Park in Coquitlam